About Us

This website is shared by the Unifor Local 111 Pride Committee and the Unifor BC Regional Council Pride Committee.

Unifor Local 111 Pride Committee

After several years of inactivity, the Unifor Local 111 Pride Committee was re-formed in 2020, following the attendance of some of our members at the Unifor National Pride Conference in Port Elgin in 2019. It is now one of the most active committees in our local, accomplishing many projects, both big and small, over the last few years. The Local 111 Pride Committee currently has 5 members from 3 depots and hosts an annual BBQ and fundraiser. You can contact the Unifor Local 111 Pride Committee by emailing info[at]pride111.ca.

Unifor BC Regional Council Pride Committee

The current BC Regional Council Pride Committee was elected at the Pride Caucus during BC Regional Council in Whistler in November 2022 and consists of 3 members, from locals 111, 114, and 4276. The BCRC Pride Committee attends Pride events throughout BC each year. You can contact the BC Regional Pride Committee by emailing info[at]bcrcpride.ca.

Unifor | The Union

Unifor is a Canadian labour union; it is the largest private sector union in the country. Unifor was formed in 2013 as a result of the merger between CAW and CEP. They now represent workers in almost every sector from coast to coast, with over 300,000 members. Unifor, and labour unions in general, have a long and storied history of activism and fighting for equity and civil and human rights, and we are proud to be able continue that fight with some of the strongest activists in the country. Because workers’ rights are human rights, and every person of working age in Canada has a right to a good job and the benefits of economic progress, as well as protections under the Constitution, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Human Rights Act, and provincial Human Rights Codes.

Regional Councils

Unifor is divided into 5 regional councils: British Columbia (BCRC), the Prairies (PRC), Ontario (ORC), Quebec (QRC), and the Atlantic region (ARC). Yukon is part of the BC Regional Council, while Nunavut and the Northwest Territories are part of the Prairie Regional Council. The BCRC Pride Committee is one of several equity standing committees in Unifor’s BC Regional Council.

Local 111

Unifor Local 111 is based in New Westminster, BC and represents over 4,000 public transit operators in the Lower Mainland working out of 6 different bus depots throughout the Metro Vancouver region. Public transit operators in the Metro Vancouver region have been unionized since 1899. The Local 111 Pride Committee is one of several active committees within the local.