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Unifor Pride Bus Ads!

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Check it out! The Unifor Local 111 Pride Committee has worked hard over the last several months with Lamar BC to make this special project come to life. Thank you to all our members who approved the funding for this project.

As you all know, June is internationally recognized as Pride Month. The Unifor Local 111 Pride Committee wanted to recognize this in a big way this year, after two years of cancelled Pride parades and reduced action and activities due to Covid. We know there is a substantial LGBTQ+ community among our membership, and we want all drivers to be able to feel PROUD of who they are, and what they do! These ads let the world know that Unifor fights for us and our rights.

There’s a total of 12 buses with Pride ads on them: 6 trolleys at VTC and 6 CNGs at HTC. There are 4 different ad designs: 2 at VTC and 2 at HTC. We encourage you to search for and take photos with the ads and share them with the Pride Committee!

We are disappointed that, due to time and budget constraints, not every depot was able to be included in this campaign. In the near future, we hope to do a second campaign which will include buses in all depots! We hope you enjoy this ad campaign, which runs for the month of June 2022.


When our bus ad campaign went live on June 1, the public quickly noticed the disclaimers that the Unifor Local 111 Pride Committee was required to put on the ads that stated, in short, “TransLink does not endorse the opinions expressed in this ad,” and called out TransLink for it. In response, TransLink ordered that the ads be removed on June 3 because the disclaimer went against their corporate values. TransLink stated that Lamar was simply following a standard policy when they required the disclaimers be added.

On June 10, the ads were replaced without disclaimers. The Pride Committee was advised that the campaign has been extended for an additional 3 weeks, and that TransLink CEO, Kevin Quinn, phoned Unifor Local 111 President, Balbir Mann, to apologize regarding the disclaimers. On June 6, a letter from Kevin Quinn was posted on the MyCMBC website noting that TransLink would review their advertising disclaimer policy.

Just as before, there are 6 trolleys at VTC and 6 CNGs at HTC with the ads. Look for coaches 2156, 2210, 2522, 2537, 2539, and 2572 at VTC. Look for coaches 16010, 16018, 16023, 16034, and two other unknown coaches at HTC.

Celebrate Pride Month with us by downloading one of the phone wallpapers below: